5 Helpful Tips From a Mother’s Day Out Teacher

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Quickly approaching is registration for Mother’s Day Out (or Parents Day Outs), and as such, I’d like to offer you a few helpful tips. If this is your first go-around with Mother’s Day Out, you may be nervous, frightened, or even just plain confused. Take a look at these simple tips to help clear your mind a bit.

Tip #1- Forget The Toddler Backpacks

As cute as they are, toddler backpacks simply aren’t practical. Instead, opt for a full sized backpack to help you pack everything you need. This includes a lunchbox, diapers, clothes, water bottle, blankets, stuffed animals… etc, etc, etc. You can see now why a toddler backpack just won’t cut it, right? Plus, as a bonus, this full sized backpack (if taken good care of) can be used for multiple years as your child grows.

Tip #2 – Please Dress Child Appropriately

If your child hasn’t been toilet trained yet, you should send them in clothes which are simple to pull up and down on their own. No belts. If they are still in diapers, send them in something that would make for a quick diaper change. This means no pull ups. Other thoughts:

-shoes should be easy to pull on should they be thrown off

-don’t send them in nice clothes

-dress for the weather

Tip #3: Communication Is Key

Every shred of information you are able to share with your child’s teacher is vital. This includes allergies, behavioral issues, home situations, fears, and anything else which may be relevant. You and the teacher are a team, and you both want what is best for your little one. If your child’s teacher doesn’t have all the necessary information, they can’t perform their job to the best of their abilities. If you have any issues with how things are going, express those issues as well. Also, respect and encourage your child’s teacher to express any concerns they may have, as well.

Tip #4: School-Only Blankets Are Important

Germs are gross, and they are EVERYWHERE. This is especially true in child care settings, which are exposed to dozens or more children every single day. You can limit the spread of germs and the amount of them in your home by designating a blanket solely for school use.

Tip #5: Remember That They Are Only A Child

Remember that, depending upon the age of your child, there are some things which are unavoidable. Biting is normal, if not exactly encouraged, and it does occur sometimes. The parent of the child who did the biting may feel ashamed or upset at their child, while the parent of the child who got bit, well, they are probably upset and angry. But ceasing a biting habit is hard, and as sad as we are that your child got  bit, it is at times going to happen. The same goes for children who hit others, say mean things, push, spit, cry, throw tantrums, etc. This is all a normal occurrence for children on an individual basis, and while we will work with you to help cease their behaviors, it does take time.

That’s it, folks, those are the best tips for anyone sending their children to a Mother’s Day Out center. We hope all your experiences are positive, and hope you are prepared just in case your child has difficulties adjusting.

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