7 Top Tips for Handling Stress as a Working Mom

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Being a mom is arguably one of the most rewarding jobs that there is, but unfortunately, there is always more work to be done than simply enjoying motherhood and figuring out how to manage all that it requires. On top of raising your baby, there is also housework to be done and possibly even holding down a nine to five job. Regardless of what you do, anything on top of being a mom is hard work. Stress is sure to build up, but take heart. This article explores seven top tips for handling stress as a working mom. You can do it. Keep reading.

  1. Give yourself enough time.

It is not about having time, it is about making time. Time is yours to make what you will. Look at your sweet child, you are good at making great things. Make enough time for greatness. You do not need to be in a constant state of rush, so schedule time for transitions. Instead of allowing yourself 5 seconds for breakfast on your way out the door, set your alarm clock a little earlier before the kids get up. Give yourself time to get ready for your day properly and positively for YOU.

  1. Get into a family routine.

Plan routines for the family to keep yourself on schedule, and create normalcy for the kids. Whether it is Friday night game night or taco Tuesday, this will create a family schedule to stay accountable and encourage spending quality time. together.

  1. Let your weekends be weekends.

Rest. Relax. Spend time with your family. Try to get everything you need to get done work-related by 5:00 pm Friday so that you can really focus on family time on your weekends. Stressing on Saturday and Sunday is a lot less okay than stressing during the week. Let’s be honest.

  1. You need “YOU”-Time.

Create space on the calendar for personal time. Whether you like to read a book in your bubble bath or get your nails done regularly, do it. Make time for yourself. You need it, but mostly you deserve it. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Make time to fill yours.

  1. Set your priorities.

Balancing your work-life schedule will be tough. The kids will have schedules, and so will you. There will not always be a way for you to attend everything. Set priorities outright. If missing a ballet recital is out of the question, make that clear. If working late on Monday night is okay, do that to avoid missing Taco Tuesday. Set priorities, and stick to them to avoid feeling that nasty mommy guilt. You are not superwoman, but you are pretty close.

  1. Don’t go it alone.

There are many people on your team. It takes a village. Hire a babysitter or a housekeeper. Call your mom to watch the kids one night. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

  1. Cuddle up with those you love.

Sometimes, we just need a hug- one of those hugs where someone wraps their arms around you so so tight and you remember… everything is going to be just fine.

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