Easy Morning Sickness Remedies

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Morning sickness is something that most women suffer through during pregnancy – at least for a trimester or so. Even though it’s very common there are some remedies that can diminish or completely remove your morning sickness. When you are pregnant and feel so sick it’s important to try to take care of yourself the best you can! Read on to see what natural remedies to try before immediately jumping to medical intervention. Of course, if you are so sick that you can’t keep any food or water down it’s important to call the doctor right away or go straight to the emergency room for help.

Before going to the doctor most women will try to take care of ending their morning sickness by themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the mother feels ok and is still able to keep some food in her stomach. Fresh ginger is one remedy that a lot of women swear by to end their morning sickness. Fresh ginger can be infused in drinks and taken that way or enjoyed in ginger lollipops that are marketing specifically to pregnant women to help with morning sickness. These lollipops are easy to find at most stores. Eating dry toast or saltine crackers often help settle the stomach. They’re bland enough that they won’t upset your already queasy stomach.

Some women swear by acupuncture or therapy bands on the wrists. Eastern medicine has used acupuncture for years to help cure sickness and morning sickness is no different. Eating frequently instead of letting the stomach sit empty helps some women, and others swear by exercise. The fresh air is good for anyone, especially pregnant women, and getting up and moving can help calm the stomach. Sometimes vitamins can help – B6 is usually what women take.

Doctors will usually try to avoid medical interventions if at all possible to spare the mother and the baby from having any extra medicine in their systems. If necessary though, there are a few remedies that the doctor can recommend, including over the counter medications such as Unisom and anti reflux meds to lower the acidity of your stomach. Stomach acid can damage your esophagus when you vomit and even if the anti reflux meds don’t decrease your morning sickness they are helpful in preventing any other harm to your body. Motion sickness medications can sometimes help some women. If these all fail then the doctor may be forced to prescribe something to help with the morning sickness. This prescription can be something like Zofran.

For women with debilitating morning sickness it’s important to do whatever needs to be done to feel better. The baby needs nourishment and when the mother isn’t eating – or keeping food in her stomach – it’s hard for the baby to get exactly what he needs to grow healthy and strong. By trying natural remedies first and then going to the doctor for medical help if necessary, the mother-to-be can make sure that she’s taking the best care possible of her baby.

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