How to Soothe a Crying Baby

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For a baby, life can be an excitingly frightening place. Babies tend to cry for several reasons and as parents, it is our job to make babies feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Nothing sounds quite like the cries of our little ones, so soothing them becomes one of our main concerns. Having a little help in that area never hurt anybody, and everybody needs some advice from time to time. In fact, soothing a crying baby can be so difficult at times that some parents simply walk out of the room for a moment to gather their wits.

Instead of giving up when your baby refuses to stop crying, try some of the following tips and tricks used by the parenting pros:

Tip #1: Assess the surroundings

Babies, although very different from grownups, are also a lot alike. They prefer to sleep in cool, calm, and dimly lit places. If your baby won’t stop crying at bedtime, you might want to double check the lights and sounds in the house. White noise seems to help soothe crying babies, so pull out the fans, turn on the washing machine, or play soft music on your mobile device. Turn down the lights but don’t turn them off all the way. Babies want to feel sedated, not abandoned.

Tip #2: Give a warm bath

Nothing puts babies at ease more than a warm, bubbly bath. There’s something about splashing in the water and being washed off that makes a baby feel calm and cared for – the perfect combination to soothe their woes. When giving your baby a bath to help them stop crying, be sure to use a soft, loving voice and keep the bath short. Use chamomile or lavender soaps and lotions to benefit from its therapeutic aroma. The scent will soothe you both, and your baby feeds off your energies.

Tip #3: Cradle, hold, and rock

Sometimes your baby just wants to touched. There’s little more you can do besides hold them, rock them in your arms, or them climb on your lap. There will be plenty of time in life for your growing child to refuse your open arms. Take advantage of their need for your gentle touch and give them the human interaction that will soothe their tiny, innocent hearts. Like the Beatles once said, “All you need is love.”

Tip #4: Swaddle

If all else fails and you simply cannot sit up and hold your baby anymore, try swaddling him or her in a warm, soft, clean blanket or swaddling cloth. Babies thrive on human contact and environments that mimic the womb, thus using the swaddling method can help them sleep soundly for longer periods of time. NOTE: Swaddling is not recommended for babies with breathing problems or for crying babies who are actively awake.

Give your baby the physical, mental, and emotional peace of mind. Help them to stop crying so they can live a happy, healthy life as your little bundle of joy.

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