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Few things are more thrilling for a parent-to-be than the first time they hear their baby’s heartbeat on a baby doppler monitor at a prenatal visit. Now, modern technology allows expectant mothers to hear the reassuring sound of their growing baby’s heartbeat any time they wish using home baby doppler fetal monitors.

Baby heartbeat doppler monitors aren’t as accurate as the ones used at the doctor’s office, and pregnant women need to be careful not to use them as a substitute for prenatal care. There have been recorded instances where pregnant women have been falsely reassured by baby heartbeat monitors and postponed medical treatment because of internal sounds mistaken for a fetal heartbeat. There is no medical benefit to using a baby heartbeat doppler monitor.

Still, baby heartbeat monitors are more affordable and accessible than ever, are completely safe to use, and can be a fun way to connect with baby while she’s still in the womb. These products also allow siblings, grandparents, and even distant friends and relatives on social media, to experience the magical sound of baby’s heartbeat.

Many products exist on the market, but these are our four favorites based on price, features, reliability, and consumer reviews:

1. Womb music heartbeat baby monitor by Wusic

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As the #1 best selling baby doppler monitor on Amazon, Wusic’s product is a steal at a reasonable price with free shipping. The product is FDA-approved and boasts a 4 and a half star rating with over 1,300 customer reviews. At a mere 2 ounces, Womb Music is one of the lightest baby heartbeat monitors available and is highly portable. The unit runs on a 9 volt battery which comes included.

Womb Music comes with a splitter and two pairs of headphones so that both parents can listen to baby’s heartbeat together, as well as a cable to connect to a speaker or another device to record the heartbeat to share on social media or play it back to the baby after birth to soothe her with the familiar sounds of the womb.

Like all baby heartbeat monitors on our list, Womb Music is completely non-invasive. You’ll just need to buy a lubricating gel to use with the monitor. If you try to use the unit without lubrication, the static that is created when the unit is moved will drown out your baby’s heartbeat.

With Womb Music’s tiny size and price tag, it lacks some of the features available on higher-end units. Womb Music is only a listening device, and a digital readout of the heartbeat isn’t available. It’s also usually not possible to detect fetal heartbeats in pregnancies younger than 16 weeks.

Price: check here.

2. Bjingles heartbeat baby monitor

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At first glance, Bjingles’ baby heartbeat doppler monitor seems very similar to Womb Music. Both monitors use a 9 volt battery, have high Amazon user ratings, and possess the ability for two users to listen. They both recommend use after the 16th week of pregnancy and allow users to record heartbeats. Neither product has a digital readout screen, but both come with lullabies that can be played for the baby while she’s in the womb or after birth.

Despite the similarities, there are a few stark differences between these products. For one, Bjingles is not FDA-approved. There are no known safety issues with using a unit that is not FDA-approved, but many parents feel more comfortable using a product that has been produced under stricter regulations. Bjingle’s baby doppler monitor is also a bit larger than Womb Music, though it is still portable.

Bjingle’s unit, however, is extremely affordable, easy to use, and comes with apps for iPhone and Android. For that, it is a strong, low-budget contender with other baby heartbeat monitors on the market.

Price: check here.

3. Cobely pocket baby heartbeat monitor

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Cobely’s FDA-approved unit is a bit more expensive than the other baby heartbeat monitors on our list, but also contains a few great, high-end features.

Unlike the other baby doppler monitors, Cobely has a digital LCD readout screen that allows parents to see how many times per minute baby’s heart is beating. The product can be used in three work modes: one that displays a real time heart rate, one that automatically averages and stabilizes the heart rate as the user listens, and one that calculates an average heart rate with a stopwatch function. All modes feature a heart icon display when the heartbeat is detected to help prevent parents from mistaking other internal noises or the mother’s heartbeat for the baby.

Instead of a 9-volt, Cobely’s heartbeat monitor uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that never needs to be replaced and can be used for over five hours without being recharged.

Cobely’s baby doppler monitor also features a built in speaker in addition to 3.5 mm jacks that can be used for headphones or recording the heartbeat on a device. It is sensitive enough to pick up heartbeats in younger pregnancies from approximately 12 weeks onward. Instead of using the whole monitor, parents use a water-resistant, rubber coated probe to find the heartbeat. You will still need to use lubricating gel, which comes included.

Weighing in at a little over a pound, Cobely’s unit is bulkier than others, but for its price, it is a powerful, convenient choice.

Price: check here.

4. Medi-K Angel sounds unborn heartbeat listener

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The Angel Sounds Unborn Heartbeat Listener has many of the same features as other baby heartbeat monitors in its price range. It uses an included 9-volt battery and comes with headphones and a recording cable. The whole unit is used with lubrication to locate the baby’s heartbeat, and it is not FDA-approved.

The Unborn Heartbeat Listener does have a couple really great features that others in its price range do not—mainly, the ability to hear heartbeats as early as 14 weeks into pregnancy. Medi-K’s product also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Angel Sounds also comes beautifully packaged and would be a stunning gift for a mother-to-be to open at her baby shower. Because if its sensitivity, reliability, and classy packaging, the Unborn Heartbeat Listener is well worth its low price.

Price: check here.

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