Pro Tips For Healthy Pregancy


The things your body can do are miraculous. While sustaining every function that keeps you alive and thriving, it is also developing a completely new human being inside your torso. How amazing is that? With such a big job ahead of it, taking care of your body during pregnancy is extremely important. Aside from resting and relaxing, eating the right foods at the right time is monumentally vital to a successful and healthy gestation.

When you’re pregnant, it is difficult not to worry about every single detail around the clock. Wondering whether you are getting the proper nutrition is a main concern for most mothers – a natural worry that competes with the natural cravings that come during the second trimester. When you’re expecting, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little time with your favorite friends, Ben and Jerry. The main concern, however, is that you are making healthy choices most of the time.

Eating right is not only critical to your unborn baby’s development, but it is also a key component to having a happy and energetic pregnancy. Below are some tips for having a healthy and successful experience:

1. Set Your Baby Up for a Successful Personality

Did you know that the stressors you experience and the foods you eat while pregnant can directly affect your baby’s future propensities towards unhealthy eating habits and eventual obesity? According to a piece published by the International Journal of Obesity, pregnant moms can shape and mold their child’s eating habits even before they’re born. To keep this from happening, avoid notoriously unhealthy foods and strive for a stress-free lifestyle.

2. Increase Your Child’s I.Q. Naturally

There have been numerous studies that support the positive effects of a healthy diet on a growing baby’s intelligence. Those same studies illustrated the importance of consuming the following substances, either in whole foods or through dietary supplements:

• Cod liver oil

• Omega-3 fatty acids

• Folic acid

• Iodine

• Protein

• Calcium

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin E

Each of these substances had a drastic effect on the development of tissues and skills in an unborn child, and in the pregnant mother as well. In addition, these substances make babies less susceptible to autoimmune problems such as asthma and allergies.

3. Improve Your Baby’s Social Skills Ahead of Time

Research has shown that animal offspring from mothers who ate a nutrient rich diet are less likely to suffer from social abnormalities. Could it be possible that human babies react the same way to the food we eat? Studies suggest it’s not only possible, it’s likely.

4. Prevent Premature Birth

Expectant moms will best serve their unborn children by keeping them in the womb for as long as possible. A diet that is rich in whole fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains is a terrific place to start. Avoid processed foods and sugar if you want to avoid premature delivery, says a team of researchers from the University of Gothenberg, Sweden.

5. Make Delivery Easier on Everybody

Mother who have high levels of vitamin D tend to require fewer medications for pain during labor and delivery. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, certain foods are directly linked to the strength of muscle contractions and the nerve endings’ response to that contraction. In other words, eat the right foods and experience less pain and trauma (on both you and the baby) during natural child birth.

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