Teaching Your Child To Swim Without Paying For Lessons

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We all want our children to know how to swim. It is an important life skill that can help them avoid life-threatening accidents, not to mention it is a fun way to be sociable and healthy. Teaching kids to swim safely is not always easy and most of the time the lessons aren’t free. With all the costs of parenthood surmounting as your children grow, paying for swimming lessons can be very taxing. Save yourself some money while giving your kids an advantage in life by personally teaching them how to swim.

Lessons cost money because the teachers and facilities are equipped to handle the needs of potentially frightened children who don’t yet know how to swim. However, if you follow a few simple tips you can be equipped for the same thing and can then teach your kids how to swim without lessons.

1. Start Small

Kids feel most comfortable when they are in surroundings that mimic their tiny size. Large pools of water can be intimidating to children who don’t know how to swim, so introducing them to the concept of independent swimming while at public pools or immense bodies of water may not be a good idea. Start small, perhaps with a kiddie pool, and keep the water level relatively low at first. As your child adapts, gradually add more water.

2. Make Them Feel Safe

Safety is a main priority for parents who are teaching their kids how to swim, but children worry about their safety as well. There may be times when your children act fearful despite your best efforts. This is when you need to be firm but gentle. To avoid sticky situations where you kid no longer wants to participate, do not be pushy and equip them with well-fitted floatation devices until they’re ready to try it on their own.

3. Keep the Lessons Fun

Swimming is not supposed to feel like a chore, even if it is a challenge. Keep the exercise fun and exciting and your kids will be eager to learn. Paid-for lessons are set up as scheduled group games simply for the fact that children learn best while at play. Purchase some pool toys such as beach balls, sinker sticks, water noodles, goggles, and snorkels to encourage your kid to explore the swimming area.

4. Do It with Them

The goal is make your kids love the water, so you need to lead by example. If you are standing on the surface and barking at your child to get into the water, your kid will question your motives. However, if you’re standing safely in the water looking like you’re having a lot of fun, your kid will assume your motives are to play and he or she will respond better. Get involved with the lesson and be a hands-on teacher so your children can enjoy themselves.

Teaching your kids how to swim without paying for lessons is not supposed to be a headache. It’s meant to be fun and rewarding, but only if you do it right.

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